Marks and Sparks:the clothes, the food…the exhibition?

AM&S tannoy announcement in Marks and Spencer pricked my ears last week ‘Marks in Time, It’s your heritage’.  I think that’s fantastic.  I’ve grown up with Marks and Sparks, it’s always been there, and i trust it.  My I even worked there a long time ago.   What I found interesting is that they have made a really big deal of their 125year anniversary. And it seems the public have embraced it too.  And now there’s an exhibition. It aims to celebrate the role M&S has played in British cultural history from the beginning and looking towards what M&S will have to offer in the future.  And there’s a website!! Full of lovely images and interesting facts, for example Marks and Spencer’s employees in 1941 raised £5000 to buy a spitfire for the war effort. I like it. Its nice to think that shops like Marks and Spencer realise they do play a large role in people’s lives and it has a responsibility to share its archives and its history with the public. Well done M&S!

Details of how to visit the exhibition can be found here

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