2 thoughts on “object retrieval: are you really the route master??

  1. Hi I am the curator of this and I’m glad you are enjoying the project. A very quick response however just to say that it’s a shame you’ve missed the the whole press campaign including a full preview in this week’s Timeout. Not to mention the 65000 emails we’ve sent out. Anyway, do join in, as it’s your participation that will really make this project.

  2. Hi Simon, thanks for the comment and good luck with the project! i recieved the email after i posted this, so my comment about lack of marketing has less omph. It does look like a really good project,a brilliant and engaging idea. my point was more that it’s location is highly suited for the ucl community, which is great and i hope staff and students come in droves to participate. But does that mean it is likely to ailenate other potential audiences?

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