When sparks Ignite…

Last week was the joy of Ignite London, the first to be held in the capital, egads you say? Surely theres been one before, but alas no, it wasn’t until the lovely and gorgeous Amy and Dan got their teeth into it, that the magic actually happened. (hopefully now there will be many more…)

It was a brilliant night, and even my determined not be a geek beau thoroughly enjoyed the evening, he managed to talk about going down a coal mine…so yes he might not be a museum webby geek, but he is a geek of sorts.

The speakers were awesome, particularly Matthew Baker’s fantastic lyrical rhyme about what’s so special about bacteria. Loved it. There was quite a strong cultural historic theme emerging too, which I greatly appreciated. You can find videos of the talks here.

But with such gold being shared in bitesized five minutes chunks it got me thinking about what on earth I could enthuse about in 5 minutes flat….
And to be honest, I got nothing, nada, kaput. I mean yes I’m stupidly passionate about museums, tea and david Attenborough ooh and chocolate, but are those really the making of a crowd pleasing talk? Not separately, but a museum about tea, run by david Attenborough addicted to cadburys might have some legs… but its not really on the same strand as The Sex Lives of the Great Renaissance Masters: How the Old Masters and their Mistresses Changed Art now is it?

So maybe I could go down the tin mining, regional heritage route? I am tin miner girl and a Geordie after all… but again, I get nothing. Its kind of rubbish that I don’t actually think I have anything interesting to say. So Ignite, was awesome and a discovered lots of new and very definitely interesting things, but it also pointed out that I have a distinct lack of eclectic interests at the moment. Phooey. Must try harder Claire, must try harder.

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