an WKW outfit or an object a day… keeps the blues away

my favourite What Katie Wore outfit...i wonder what my favourite museum object would be

For 335 days I have been following a brilliant blog called what Katie wore.  What’s that all about? Well, A challenge was set that Katie had to wear a different outfit everyday for a year. Katie’s lovely boyfriend Joe then decided to write a blog with a picture of what Katie was wearing every day, and i mean every day, for a year.  The result is a blog full  of beautiful photos of Katie’s colourful, joyful, eclectic style, which had me hooked from the beginning (well I missed the first couple of weeks). I live my fashion life vicariously through Katie’s colourful attire, I will usually be found in black and cardigans, I vow that this will change this year. The point is, that Katie’s outfits and Joe’s words have inspired me and lots of other people for a year.

So that got me thinking about museums, instead of an outfit everyday for a year, a blog about a different object everyday for a year, imagine how many people could be inspired by a different wonderous museum object, that could potentially improve so many peoples days. This is when I came across google gadgets: British Museum Object of the day, and I thought cool. Also the IMA’s pharmacy is a regular dose of really interesting things, linking in with an ArtBabble video and a IMA work of art, really clever really. And then it reminded me that its nearly the start of AHOW!!  Otherwise known as A History of the World, a amazing project with the British Museum and BBC radio 4, where the history of the world is to be told in 100 objects. It starts on the 18th January, and I am very excited.  I hope it is just as inspirational as seeing a colourful outfit everyday! We shall see.

and if by magic, BBC / BM History of the World promo, check it out

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