By the light of a candle…

Last Tuesday night, I stood in the freezing cold in Lincoln’s Inn Fields for 45 minutes. And it was worth it, because on the first Tuesday evening of every month the Sir John Soanes Museum opens its doors to the most magical experience I’ve ever had. A candlelit room by room journey through Sir John Soanes house. It was wonderful.

The Sir John Soanes museum is my favourite museum in London, simply because of the amount of things Soanes collected, studied, loved and carefully positioned so future generations could enjoy them too. It’s a fabulous place. But by candle light it is even better. I can’t express how amazing it was, apart from saying I don’t think I have uttered or heard as many ‘oooh’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’ in such a small space. It is truly fantastic what a change in lighting can do to a space or a particular object.  It intensifies certain things, so you focus in on the smallest detail and it disguises others.  It points out things that I hadn’t noticed during the day visits I have been too; it made all the beautiful things in this wonderful house even more beautiful. I loved it.   I shall definitely be going again.  It really is a simple idea, sticking a few candles here and there, but the effect is stunning. More places should do it.

Speaking of which… this coming May is the 2010 Museums at Night campaign… hint hint nudge nudge, get involved, so more people can ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ and explore museums at Night! you can check out the Museums at Night blog here

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