3 thoughts on “The tale of the forbidden umbrella….

  1. Gah! This kind of museum experience annoys me to the extreme. I think of the courage it takes some people to visit a museum at all and how detrimental it could be for a novice to be treated in the way you were treated. It makes my blood boil because so many people work so hard to make museum experiences accessible and it only takes one nasty experience to put some people off forever.

    Thanks for sharing – you should email them a link to your post.

  2. When we went to the Ahmolean in October, M eventually got fed up being “stalked” by gallery attendants and found a nice place to sit in the (unrevamped) Egyptian gallery while I looked round the rest of the building. Seemed child-friendly and well-equipped for the elderly, with lots of those portable chairs available, but twenty-somethings beware!

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