Users, e-Research and Web 2.0 Conference, Oxford: part 2

Me, Melissa Terras and Claire Warwick

Department of Information studies, University College London

Academics Twittering on: Pointless babble or enabled Backchannel?

Seeing as this presentation is all about twitter im going to let the tweets do the talking:

You can find the Twitter archive here and here the prezi here and at some point there will be a video uploaded somewhere of it.

@clairey_ross talking about academic use of twitter: “pointless babble or enabled backchannel” I like the xkcd’esque line drawings #esiw2
@clairey_ross one2many transaction becomes many2many #esiw2
@clairey_ross is giving a brilliant paper about how people use twitter at conferences #esiw2
@clairey_ross What about problems of using 3rd-party solutions for archiving? #esiw2
At #esiw2 listening to @clairey_ross talk about Twitter as backchannel for events. But Twitter is my backchannel for the world…
@clairey_ross "Majority of tweets at academic conferences are new not ReTweets" #esiw2
@clairey_ross Presenting : Twitter as a digital backchannel changes the dynamics of a conference to a many-2-many interaction #esiw2
@clairey_ross Presenting : On twitter the @ symbol drives a community of practice #esiw2
@clairey_ross But I use @ because if I don’t ‘reply’ to someone then it posts as status update to facebook: doesn’t pass on replies #esiw2
#esiw2 @clairey_ross uneveness of communication sometimes due to technology as well as others (eg flat battery)
#esiw2 major issues about archiving web 2.0. Commercial model but what do we keep for scholarly purposes?
enjoying tweeting in a conference whilst listening to @clairey_ross talk about tweeting in conferences #esiw2
@clairey_ross "This blonde girl is stupid and doesn’t know what she is talking about" says claire (but she isn’t!) #esiw2
@clairey_ross Presenting: Academics use twitter mostly 4 Prof dev. & creating / maintaining networks. Used mostly in a conf setting. #esiw2
Twitter event backchannel at odds with notion of online notes for self/others unless backchannel acts as wiki for group notetaking. #esiw2
@clairey_ross Most academic tweets at conferences are forms of note-taking #esiw2
#esiw2 #research3: wondering about binary M&Ms
why is it that so few people seem to tweet comments on the presentations? seems obvious as a use of twitter #esiw2
(sorry that last bit me rather than @clairey_ross #esiw2)
@melissaterras Doesn’t everyone have a ‘particular’ way of speaking? #esiw2
@danielskatz #esiw2 they were in the conference packs. M&Ms printed with zeroes and ones. but if you werent there you would have no idea!
@jamescummings in particular I think I am very particular in my particular way of being particular – or am I #esiw2
@clhw1 Is it because we don’t want to appear rude? I’ve said things like "I can’t believe this got funded" at some conferences #esiw2
@melissaterras I think you are quite particular. Peculiar as well of course. 😉 #esiw2
@clhw1 aren’t the notes really comments? – i.e. this is an interesting point let me write it down #esiw2
@danielskatz Or note:she said *this* how lame. or similar. #esiw2
@danielskatz yes I guess so but why not credit the presenter I wonder #esiw2
@clairey_ross I know someone who wanted a nasty-tweeter to attend her session… she wanted *truth* #esiw2
@clhw1 I wonder if the difference between notes and comments is just that comments have an explicit opinion – comments are implicit? #esiw2
We had a curated twitter backchannel visible on stage at last year’s Activate conference (@rooreynolds coverage: #esiw2
@megpickard I think it makes me *more* attentive … because I’m quoting/summarising rather than reading email #esiw2
#esiw2 great discussion re twitter and academics
Interesting idea: RT @willsh: [ta witter backchannel] makes me less attentive to the stage but not necessarily the conference… #esiw2
@megpickard #esiw2 or is it shing that makes you feel better about sitting in a presentation typing you could be tweeting not doing email
@clairey_ross is now done talking about twitter. #esiw2
@clairey_ross #esiw2 Claire just gave a great paper on Twitter while also inspiring v interesting discussion both live and on twitter. Yay!

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