Decoding digital humanities

At work we are all preparing for the hugely anticipated launch of the brand spanking new centre for digital Humanities. It’s a very exciting time for all things digital around here. But it does cause for some thought provoking moments, about what Digital really means, what is this discipline that I’m apart of really do, how does it contribute to society? Does it mean anything at all to anybody in the real world, outside the compound of DH headquarters? So, we’ve created a blog so we can tell anybody who’s interested in what we are doing, my colleague (Kathryn) and I are in the process of setting up a informal gathering (read par-tay) for anybody who wants a space to mingle, share ideas, experiences and questions with other digital humanities folk so we can explore together (lets face it a crew is always better than just you) the concept of DH and what it means to be a Digital Humanist, say hello to Decoding Digital Humanities! Catchy right?

So doing all of this got me very excited, nothing new there really. So as a celebration and well basically a pure overloaded urge telling me ‘you must go see this, why haven’t you gone to see this yet!?’ I am going to go see decode at the V&A this weekend! I can’t wait! I should have gone sooner I know. Because of this impending trip I have been thinking a lot about digital art. Its not just digital humanists and computer geeks who use digital things on no. I have always been interested in how people express themselves through technology, for most people that means status updates on facebook or tweeting, but to others it is about creating masterpieces. And then what I want to know is how do you interpret and do analysis on what has been created?

Along my google reader travels I came across this on the IMA blog looking at digital graffiti.

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

It doesn’t go to answering my questions, but boy does it look cool and potentially worth some exploration into how you use it to answer questions of interpretation…. Decoding it if you will…

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