The Hunt is on…

Happy Easter!

I’m heading up to the Lake District this Easter weekend, to go for yomps up hills and sit in front of roaring fires and hopefully not get snowed in, or be adversely effected by the rail strikes.

However, I am leaving my two lovely housemates behind in London town.  In an effort to make sure they are not bored this weekend, I have created a little game for them…An Easter egg hunt!

I have become obsessed with social gaming of late, my brain is wheeling away thinking of all sorts of ideas for games.  This isn’t the first time I’ve become addicted to social games; when I was at university I created a clue based hunt round Durham city for my poor unsuspecting boyfriend to find his surprise birthday party! I’m thinking of some even better ideas now I have the disposal of an iphone, a blog and a twitter account… I cant wait until the weathers a bit nicer to get the social gaming started in London! Now I didn’t really have enough time to create a weird and wonderful game filled with suspense and intriguing clues to solve the hidden mysteries of the chocolate egg, but I have hidden multiple eggs around my house in the hope that my housemates will accept the challenge. The person with the most eggs is the winner, and there is an extra special prize linked to this blog post.


The Winner is….

You will find your prize in the gloom of the room that we do not enter, in the chest filled with drawers that someone doesn’t like,  one, two, three, four… there’s the treat you’ve been looking for!

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