4 thoughts on “Musing on QR and Museums

  1. I find QR codes an interesting as a potential tool in developing interaction with displays and spaces. Just working at Museum of London to set up a guide relating to empire in the galleries for secondary schools.
    Looking at Diane Laurillard’s “Conversational Framework” might be worth a look to see how this form of e-learning or mobile learning can be differentiated and distinguished from other traditional types.


  2. We are experimenting on the Llangollen Canal in Chirk Bank UK using QR codes and blue tooth transmission direct to phones, and have had an enormous positive response. Outdoor environments have their disadvantages, not least that beautiful outdoor areas tend to have patchy mobile signal coverage to start with (hence trying bluetooth transmission too in our beautiful area). Both are affected by trees in leaf, and particularly wet trees in leaf, so that for example a blue tooth transmitter with a given range of 2 km, will not in practice give more than 100m or so, under damp summer conditions. The positives are that small laminated prints of the QR code are unobstrusive and do not need expensive panels and posts, and can be managed by our small community group with no facilities or much funding! This sort of interpretation is relatively cheap so available for small groups. The blue tooth transmitters allow one to target and change for specific events too. Laminated QR codes make good coasters for the ladies who do teas for visitors in our chapel hall. Also we got an image embedded within the QR code which makes it more understandable to visitors. (Cannot get the QR code to copy and paste into this blog so have put this link which contains copy if you are interested)

    Click to access Aqueducks%20Eng.pdf

    • Thanks Mabel for highlighting how you have been using QR codes. I particularly like that you have been using laminated QR codes as coasters for cups of tea!

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