Seeing is Believing: Tales of Things quick notes

Andy Hudson-Smith: Tales of Things: Archiving and Viewing the Cultural Heritage of Everything

Andy has spoken twice about Tales of Things, and I happened to be in the audience for both of them. It was very interesting to see the difference in audience reaction to the Tales of Things project.  One group was very much concerned of the surveillance aspect, something I had not considered at all.  And Andy, if you’re reading this, I enjoyed both the presentations and very much appreciate that you tweaked your presentation for the 2nd showing!  I’ve spoken quite a lot about Tales of Things and QR codes in museums previously.  But thanks to Andy’s brilliant presentation at the Autopsies Group, I got over excited and pounced on Mark, the curator at the Grant museum, who also spoke at the Autopsies Group, and we are now embroiled in a experiemental project  involving Tales of Things (more about that in another post).   Anyway… Andy spoke of Tales of Things and the opportunities it presents to cultural heritage institutions.  Participation in heritage: hands on, two way, learning opportunities, social/community memory, any size, thought provoking. . . I simply love this project and the fact that Andy is also really passionate about it, makes it so much more appealing.  And I quote:  “i love the fact that that jumper talks” (referring to the Remember Me project where Tales of Things took over a Oxfam shop.

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