Ignite: Ignite Website is down! Brace yourselves.

Ok so we have a problem with our website.  We are trying to get it sorted out, but in the interim, fear not other social media outlets are available.

You can tweet us your proposals: We realise that it’s hard to propose a talk in 140 characters but there have been some troopers who have risen to the challenge! Thanks so much!! Some absolutely brilliant proposals so far!

Find us at @ignite_london

I will also be using my blog as igniteish space.  I’ll tag, and put Ignite in the title if you want to RSS it.

Did you know we had a facebook page?  if you cant reach us via tweet, jumpship over to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ignitelondon

And we have set up a backup email: ignitelondon2@gmail.com

Even though the website is down, IgniteLDN3 is still going ahead at The Luminaire, Kilburn on Tuesday 28 September 2010. Keep the date free! Hope to see you there!

We still want lots of lovely speakers so contact us in any of the above ways with your name, proposal and contact details. We will be in touch.

Here’s a awesome ignite talk about Warewolf.  A game that I first played at the V&A Friday Late a couple of months back! It’s always good to have a strategy.  I unfortunately was not very good and I was brutally murdered as people suspected me as a werewolf (I wasn’t I was a innocent villager).  If only I had seen this talk first!

Werewolf Strategy – HB Siegel

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