TeachMeet Museums and Adventures with Digital Learning

I’m working on a few events which are coming up very soon! Sooner than I’d like if I’m honest, time just seems to slipping through my fingers.

The First is a Digital Learning Network event held at the British Museum on the 4th Feb: Adventures with Digital Learning in Museums.  I’m really excited about this event, as it is my first as Chair of the committee.   It’s quite a hands on day, myself and the wonderful Shelley from the BM have played with the format a bit to include two sessions (onsite museum digital stuff and museum outreach digital stuff) each with 3 speakers and a overview speaker, followed by an activities session, encouraging people to dig in and have a go with some of the cool digital technology in the British Museum galleries and the state of the art Samsung Digital Discovery Centre.  We are still finalising the speakers, but so far we have some absolutely brilliant speakers who are doing fantastic things with digital learning in and outside of Museums. I’m really excited about this, as I have only met a few in person, so it will great to meet everyone properly on the day.    Adventures will also involve an Unconference session, as I think it’s really important to provide opportunities for networking and discussion to share ideas, and actively contribute to the best of what is happening with Digital learning in museums and in outreach.  Fingers crossed it will be a great day.

Following on from that on the same day, we are also holding a TeachMeet Museums!I love the concept of TeachMeet’s.  They are informal gatherings for those curious about teaching, and technology.  The ethos of a TeachMeet is for everyone to get involved and learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused.  TeachMeet previously have focused mostly on teachers sharing good practice, described as a “Show and Tell for teachers”.   With TeachMeet Museums we want to find out what, why and how teachers are using museums, and museum digital content, and what museum learning teams can offer teachers; what’s good, what’s great, and why.

I’m looking forward to hearing stories about digital learning, from teachers and other museum learning professionals.   The aim is for anyone interested or curious about teaching, technology and museums to come along and share great ideas they’ve trialled in their classrooms, in museums and in outreach, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part as a member of the enthusiastic audience.  Teachmeet Museums will give educators from all sectors the opportunity to meet up with likeminded individuals and share the best of what is happening in their classrooms and in museums. If technology tickles your fancy, museums make you happy or independent learning excites you then come along and share your ideas and experiences with others.

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