A picture can say a thousand blog posts

I have been incredibly engaged, stressed, overworked, confused, excited, hyper, inpsired, sleepy and clumsy over the last few weeks and I have missed quite a few blog posts.  So I thought I would try and find some appropriate images to visualise some of what I have been up to. So here goes….

Ice and tumbling over in the Lake District

Overwhelmed, excited and inspired by Digital Learning Adventures in Museums

Image taken by the very excellent Benedict Johnson Photography Limited


















buzzing at IgniteLDN4

Art Bollocks (or Stupid Kunst) – by Charlotte Young from chichard41 on Vimeo.

Digital Think Drink at the Petrie Museum

Getting excited about QRator in the Grant Museum

fabulous image from UCL, Grant Museum of Zoology / Matt Clayton

This reminds me that I really want to get creative with a camera. I like taking pictures, but I’m bad at it. For starters I dont have a camera. Perhaps I should fix that.

2 thoughts on “A picture can say a thousand blog posts

  1. I really enjoyed this post!
    If you do get a camera, I’d be happy to give you some ‘taking good photos’ tips next time I’m in London.
    Your last picture from the Grant Museum of Zoology makes me want to visit there not only to take photos (if allowed) but, most of all, to do something very old-fashioned: sit and draw!

  2. Thanks Janet, yes any tips would be greatly appreciated (once I actually get a camera that is). I think you would really like the Grant Museum, its one of my favourite places. Its like a minutes version of the old Hancock Museum (before the Great Northness arrived). I love it.

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