2 thoughts on “Do you make do and mend? Tatty Devine and the Museum of London do!

  1. Hi Clairey,

    Thanks for coming to the workshop, we’re really glad you got inspired.

    Not sure if you knew, but Beatrice Behlen, Senior Fashion Curator from the museum, was scheduled to be there to talk more about garment history and share some historical fashion accessories, which would have given you more of a context for the workshop within the museum setting. Sadly Beatrice couldn’t make it due to totally unforeseen circumstances. The Museum have kindly offered for anyone who attended the workshop to go to another talk or event for free, to make up for Beatrice not being there, so contact them to sign up for something else! We heard there’s a fashion event with Carol Franklin and Wayne Hemingway which sounds brilliant and would give you lots more inspiration!

    Tatty Devine

    • Cool, I had an excellent time. Thanks again! Thanks for letting me know that Beatrice couldnt make, a bit more museum collection context would have made it all the more brilliant. It would have been good to find that out during the workshop though. I love that the Museum are working with lots of different designers! bringing collections and ideas to a new audience. Can’t beat a bit of a Red or Dead chat mixed with Vintage at Goodwood!

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