QRator installation day timelapse

Saturday 12th March saw the installation of loads of iPads into the Grant Museum.  Interestingly we had to do it in partial darkness as the electricity to the building was out. But regardless things went relatively smoothly.  It also gave me the opportunity to make my very first timelapse video! I am very excited about this.  I followed a couple of tutorials from Digital Urban and I managed to turn my iPhone into a timelapse camera using  a free ‘Gorillacam’camera app.  Set to take snaps every 10 seconds.  I set the application running at different locations, because I couldnt actually find a brilliant spot to film from. The output of 1600×1200 jpgs added to Microsfort movie maker and the movie was made really simply, getting it on You Tube was a faff, but here it is.  The Music comes from KtA over on unsigned mp3.

its a bit wonky, but I enjoyed giving it a go… I can see a lot more timelapses appearing on here.

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