Scholarly Information-Seeking Behaviour in the British Museum Online Collection

Paper numero 2!

I love this paper; Not only because I get to present it at Museums and the Web or that I got to work with brilliant people Like Matthew Cock and David Prudames from the British Museum and Melissa Terras here at UCLDH.  What I love about this paper is the fact that it came about because of Twitter. Its amazing what you can get out of a Tweet. Collaborative research projects in abundance!

So you can read all about our a collaborative study between UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and the British Museum. If looks at the use and information seeking behaviour by scholars of the British Museum’s Collection Online. From May to September 2010 a series of analyses of users of the British Museum’s COL was undertaken: including log analysis and targeted surveys.  This paper only focuses on the results of the academic users – There is a lot more analysis which could be done, we just havent had time yet! The findings in the paper focus on the online survey which concentrated on gathering data specifically on users of the British Museum’s Collection Online; focusing on user perspectives of their use of the Collection Online, search strategies and general use of museum digital resources. I love it.

You can read the paper in full here!

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