Insomnia, museums, sensemaking and roller derby

A week ago I was under the illusion that I would have time to read, to study and to review.

How foolish was I. I had forgotten just how full on Museums and the Web is let alone, the disaster that is my brain after going back in time, causing jet lagged insomnia for the week. I’m writing this in Philadelphia airport lounge after a full throttle museums and the web 2011. I still have plenty more to digest. That’s the thing with MW, you have action packed days filled with great ideas, excellent case studies and even better conversations with people doing awesome things in the Museums and Web world. And then at night, after dinner, drinks and more conversation, you retire, gasping for sleep, yet it never arrives. Great, that means you have time for everything else, a bit of PhD work or a bit of reading. But alas that is not the case. Your insomniatic brain turns into a rain cloud where anything that potentially could be considered productive causes thunderclaps and lightening strikes in the synapses, leaving you similar to a wide awake brainless zombie. So instead of reading or working I discovered televised roller derby. I love it! It’s a brilliant sport! Brutal and challenging; fast paced and exhilarating! I really hope it hits the UK, failing that London must have a club somewhere that does it. I want to boot up and roll out.

Anyway, so yes I made the mistake of bringing a lot of work with me; articles on Sensemaking, someone else’s PhD thesis as well as a Stephen Fry novel about a time travelling PhD student. You can tell by my paraphernalia what I’m concentrating on at the moment can’t you?

So no, whilst being tucked away in a conference bubble I did nothing but conferencearise and watch roller derby. However there is something good to be said about being trapped in an airport for a few hours before a flight without much to do. I am now two chapters down into the Thesis, and have made copious notes, which I’m really quite happy with. I have also managed to read some of the excellent Steven Fry isms. Making history, somehow manages to encapsulate some thoughts and feelings I am going through, in an eloquent and hilarious way. Mostly around whether I’m a dork, cutting the dash of someone hip, if self consciousness on the inside can be cured by training yourself not to blush on the outside, and the fact that numbers do indeed suck.

4 thoughts on “Insomnia, museums, sensemaking and roller derby

  1. Hi Claire – there’s loads of roller derby clubs in London – it even made the Guardian last week. Hope you can find a club that suits.


  2. Roller derby is an amazing sport… but the clubs expect quite a big emotional (and time) commitment. I’ve actually given it away in part because I am now doing my PhD and I didn’t have the emotional energy for both. Having said that, it’s an incredibly fun work out, so if you can find a club that are flexible and don’t seem to pressure you to be all-derby all-the-time, then it would probably be a great way to get out the physical stresses of study.

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