Followed by a swarm of bees or a trick of the light?

This morning I walked past Reflex, which is an installation in the windows of the Wellcome Trust on Euston Road. It is really beautiful and a delight to interact with.  The aim of the rAndom International’s Reflex Installation is to transform the windows into the habitat of an organism that represents itself in the form of light.

The light installation imitates swarm behaviour of ants or bees, following peoples movements, it has a sort of ‘collective consciousness’, cunningly reacting to passers-by.  It cries out for physical response to the building, quite a few people didn’t notice the swarms of light following them, but those who did it provoked a look of bemused happiness.  I really enjoy the ideas behind installations that can provoke behavioural responses; it seems to create a fuller experience if you can actually interact with art, and makes you relate it to previous experience.  It did feel like I was being followed by bees, more serene then actually being chased by a swarm of bees though.   The concept of interactive spatial environments is awesome particularly when it relates to animal behaviour.  Transforming a building into an interactive piece of art that encourages commuters to think early in the morning can only be a good thing.

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