Playing Catch up

I have been a neglectful blogger this past month, as I am frantically playing catch up on a lot of work. Here’s some highlights:

I will endeavour to answer, at least partly, my previous blog post question about procedural literacy fully soon, but perhaps as indicated by my busyness I can make a sweeping statement that (so far for me at least) procedural literacy does not a digital humanist make, hard work does.

  • Winging my way to Palo Alto for DH2011 to present a couple of posters; one about QRator and one with the rest of the UCLDH team on our experiences of Big Tent Digital Humanities. I got a bit carried away with black poster design… you can find the abstracts here and here.  I also got to catch up with the fabulous Amy and Dan whilst I was out there.
  • Presenting at the Bloomsbury conference about key social media activities for digital humanities research and early career researchers in the discipline (aka the stuff that I use for research – I tweet therefore I am), and highlighted the development of social media projects at the heart of UCLDH.
  • Doing some visitor observations in the Grant Museum, charting how visitors are interacting with the QRator iPad’s, followed by some content analysis of the comments, with the help of the brilliant Steve creator of all things good.
  • Finishing a book chapter for the nicely named UCL Book of DH (that’s not the official title, but I like it) about academic use of social media and crowdsourcing.
  • Really starting to get to grips with some information behaviour reading for my PhD literature review as well as writing my ethics approval form for my field studies. PhD is becoming scarily real right now.

busy busy busy!

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