Revamping the blogroll

Just before Christmas I decided to revamp my reader, and asked for recommendations on some new good blogs that I should be reading. Anything Museumy, DHy, or generally pretty were the three key ingredients.  Some I already followed, some are new.  Thanks to everyone who gave me some recommendations. I thought I would share; so here’s a list of the blogs that I pay most attention to:


Museumy Goodness

Audience Research

Electronic Museum

Engaging with Social Media on Museum 3

Fresh + New

IWM Social Interpretation Project blog


Museum 2.0

Museum 3.0

Museum Cultures

Museum Madness



Museums Computer Group Blog

oonagh murphy’s blog

Open Objects

Rhiannon Looseley’s blog

The Attic

The Museum of the Future

We are culture 24


DHy Goodness

butterfly hunt

Claire Warwick’s Blog

Dan Cohen’s Digital Humanities Blog

Digital Urban

Anne Welsh’s Blog

Melissa Terras’ Blog




Brilliant People

Dan Zambonini’s blog

Frankie Roberto’s blog

Mar Dixon’s blog

Making Strange



Beautiful Things

How about Orange

Project provenance

The Sartorialist

What Katie ate

What Katie Wore


If there are any more blogs that you think I should be following, ping me!



6 thoughts on “Revamping the blogroll

  1. Ta for this, there were a few on there that I hadn’t come across. There’s a big bundle of links on my own blogroll if you’re looking for more. I had a bit of a tidy a few months back so everything on there should be reasonably current.

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  3. Perhaps you’d want to add this to
    your list- PatternLondon is my blog dedicated to all things partterned in art/design and museums across the capital. Written by a creative person working in museums. Check it out! @patternlondon

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