How do you see the museum experience in 20 years?

I’ve been asked some really interesting, if not really difficult questions by some  fabulous students on the MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Central St. Martins.

One of the questions is this:

How do you see the museum experience in 20 years time?

To be honest I had to think about it. and I went through a series of thoughts: “woha thats a big scary question”, “I have no idea” and “urm brilliant”.  So I tried to split it down into its component parts. What do I love about museums now? Answer: eveything (even the bad bits) What will I love about museums in the future? Answer: everything (even the bad bits).  But how to articulate that?

So I tried to break it down again.  What I love about museums, is the overall experience. the people, the ideas, the objects. everything.  So in an attempt to provide a full answer here is the waffle.

“In 20 years I see the museum as providing an experience which encourages the visitor to wonder, question, explore and make connections.  Exactly the same as museums have always done. I don’t know what the technology or interpretation and participation opportunities will be like in 20 years time, as technology and interpretation strategies are continually evolving at such a fast pace.  But I hope we will see museums challenging themselves and visitors by providing more flexible and personalised experiences which encourage interaction and discussion between visitors and between visitors and the museum”.

I’d be really interested to hear how you see the museum experience now and in 20 years? will it be different? the same? better? worse? non existent?

The wonderful Mar Dixon has already replied on the twitters: ” Still touching hearts for everyone that steps through the doors.”

I love her beautiful honesty.

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