Social Interpretation explained with hand actions

A few weeks ago Carolyn Royston and I headed to Nottingham’s New Art Exchange ( if you are in Nottingham do go and see the exhibition by Hetain Patel, the piece called To Dance Like Your Dad, is brilliant) with the other Digital R& D projects for a day of discussion and catch ups. Part of this day was a voxpop.  I hate being in front of a camera.  I always manage to not look how I think I look.  Which is always disappointing.  This video is no exception.  The only redeeming feature is the fact that I may be doing the macarena dance moves with my hands whilst trying to sound competent.

But here it is a brief introduction to the Social Interpretation project at the Imperial War Museums

you can watch the videos from the rest of the projects here. Punchdrunk are my favourite.

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