Museums and the Web 2013: Rewiring, Games and Computer Club

IMG_5443Museums and the Web was a bit of a blur and over a month later I haven’t really managed to process any of it.  I’m also recovering from over indulging in Voodoo Donuts.

I was speaking in the Rewiring the Museum, Part of the “Innovating the Museum” session thread with 2 other pretty nifty papers.

I was speaking with Carolyn Royston (IWM) about the Positives and Negatives of R&D in museums and the lessons we have learnt from the Social Interpretation Project. You can check out our paper titled ‘Visitors, Digital Innovation and a Squander Bug: Reflections on Digital R&D for Audience Engagement and Institutional Impact’

There were a massive selection of sessions, a couple of my favourites were the  ‘Let the Games Begin‘  or the Gamification smackdown session. the debate kicked off as soon as the panellists started speaking. Sharna Jackson from Tate Kids was  simply awesome on the naffness of badges for just rocking up to a museum. Visitors should be challenged before they are rewarded. Loved it.

I also really enjoyed the excellent  Professional Forum: Digital Strategy from Europe to the US which had 4 great speakers discussing the highs and lows of digital strategy.

  1. Kajsa Hartig (Nordiska museet) talked about:Communicating the Museum: From Digital Strategy to Plan of Action – Two Years Down the Road
  2. Sarah Hromack (Whitney Museum of American Art) told us about: Utopia Then, Reality Now: (Re)considering the Wiki Model in Museum Culture 
  3. Carolyn Royston (IWM) focused on Destination Success: Sustaining your digital strategy but really it was about initiating a Computer Club (with Stickers) within IWM Take the bull by the horns and make changes internally before expecting the public to understand. This created a real buss during the session, it will be great to hear if that buzz is replicated inside the museum when it launches.  I really do want me an expert sticker.
  4. John Stack (Tate) talked about embedding digital in everything the museum does. Tate Digital Strategy: Digital as a dimension of everything

They also launched a pretty nifty Institutional Strategy Digest zine.

Here are my top 3 tweets of the conference:

Danny Birchall @dannybirchall: “I want to make people uncomfortable, I want to make games about genocide” -@museumpaige #mw2013 11:27 PM – 19 Apr 13

Wil Arndt @warndt:Museums need to install a bar in every exhibit. Funding problem solved. #MW2013 11:43 PM – 20 Apr 13

sebchan @sebchan:Love that @caro_ft is setting up the Imperial War Museum’s Computer Club! Pocket protector awesomeness! #MW2013 12:28 AM – 20 Apr 13

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