I have produced a number of peer reviewed book chapters and academic papers focusing on digital humanities, public engagement, digital innovation and user experience in museums, in addition to a range of publications in international conference proceedings.

Book Chapters

Ross, C. Carnall, M., Hudson-Smith, A., Warwick, C., Terras. M. and Gray, S. (2013) Enhancing Museum Narratives: Tales of Things and UCL’s Grant Museum. In Farman, J. (Ed). Enhancing Museum Narratives: Tales of Things and UCL’s Grant Museum. In Farman, J. (Ed). The Mobile Story Narrative Practices with Locative Technologies, Routledge.

Ross, C. (2012). “Social media for Digital Humanities and Community Engagement”.  In Warwick, C., Terras, M., Nyhan. J. (eds). “Digital Humanities in Practice”. Facet.

Ross, C., Terras, M., Motyckova, V. (2012). Scholarly Information Seeking Behaviour in the British Museum Online Collection. In Hughes, L. (2012). Evaluating & Measuring the Value, Use and Impact of Digital Collections. Facet

Terras, M., Warwick, C., and Ross, C. (2011). “Building Useful Virtual Research Environments: the Need for User Led Design”. In Dale, P., Beard, J. and Holland, M. (eds). University Libraries and Digital Learning Environments. Ashgate. p. 151-167.

Refereed Journal Articles

Rudman, H., Bailey-Ross, C., Kendal, R., Kendal, J., Lloyd, A., Ross, B., and Mursic, Z. (2017). Multidisciplinary exhibit design in a Science Centre: a participatory action research approach. Educational Action Research. Online

Bailey-Ross, C., Gray, S., Warwick, C., Hudson Smith, A., Terras, M. (2016). “Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation”. Journal of Digital Humanities Scholarship. Online

Carnall, M., Ashby, J., Ross, C. (2013) Natural history museums as provocateur for dialogue and debate. In Lynch, B (ed) I Object!: Working through Conflict in Museums. Journal Museum Management and Curatorship. Online

Campagnolo, A., Carvalho, A. M., Giacometti, A., Lewis, R., Romanello, M., Ross, C., & Viglianti, R. (2013). Introduction to the Special Section ‘InterFace 2011’. Literary and Linguistic Computing (2013) 28 (3): 417-424. Online

Ross, C., Terras, M., Warwick, C., Welsh, A. (2011). Enabled Backchannel: Conference Twitter Use by Digital Humanists. Journal of Documentation 67(2). Online


Associate Editor (2013): Special Issue on Interface 2011; LLC Literary and Linguistic Computing, Journal of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations. Volume 28 Issue 3 September 2013


Bailey-Ross, C. (2015). The Contemporary Digital Museum in Theory and Practice. Agostino, C. Museum Studies Dissertation Reviews. Online

Ross, C. (2012). Managing and Growing a Cultural Heritage Web Presence. A strategic guide. Mike Ellis. A Review. Literary and Linguistic Computing (2012) 27 (1): 115-117. Online

Practitioner Articles

Bailey-Ross, C. (2016). Living in a digital culture: The good, the bad and the balance between the two. The Bible in TransMission. The Bible Society, Spring 2016. Online

Rudman, H., Bailey-Ross, C., Kendal, R., Kendal, J., Lloyd, A., Ross, B., and Mursic, Z. (2016). Designing for creativity and innovation in Informal Science Learning. Informal Learning Review. March/April 2016 edition (Issue 137). Online


Refereed Conference Papers

Bailey-Ross, C., Beresford, A., Smith, D., Warwick, C. (2017). Aesthetic Appreciation and Spanish Art: Insights from Eyetracking. Digital Humanities 2017.

Ross, C., Royston, C., and Terras, M. (2013). Visitors, Digital Innovation and a Squander Bug: Reflections on Digital R&D for Audience Engagement and Institutional Impact. Museums and the Web 2013, Portland, Oregon, USA

Ross, C., and Audas, J. (2012). The Positives and Negatives of Digital R&D. UK Museums on the Web: UKMW12 Strategically Digital, 26th October 2012, Wellcome Collection, London.

Hudson-Smith, A., Gray, S., Ross, C., Barthel, R., de Jode, M., Warwick, C., and Terras, M. (2012) “Experiments with the Internet of Things in Museum Space: QRator”. “International Workshop on Digital Object Memories for the Internet of Things, DOMe-IoT 2012”. 14th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp 2012), September 8, 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Ross, C., Gray, S., Warwick, C., Hudson-Smith, A., and Terras, M. (2012). Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation. Digital Humanities 2012, July 2012, Hamburg

Gray, S., Ross, C., Hudson-Smith, A., Warwick, C. and Terras, M. (2012). Enhancing Museum Narratives with the QRator Project: a Tasmanian devil, a Platypus and a Dead Man in a Box. Museums and the Web 2012, April 2012, San Diego

Ross, C., Speed, C., Hudson-Smith, A., Gray, S. (2012). Smart Objects for Direct and Transient Public Engagement in Museum Spaces and Social Networks. Museum Next 2012, May 2012, Barcelona.

Ross, C., Terras, M. (2011). “Scholarly Information Seeking Behaviour in the British Museum Online Collection”. Museums and the Web 2011, April 2011, Philadelphia, PA.

Ross, C., (2011). Personalisation and Digital Technologies: Creating Digital Learning Experiences with the Visitor. New learning strategies: learning in the digital strategies of heritage organisations debate session. Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH). 7th December 2011, WTC Rotterdam

Ross, C., and Grinsted, T. (2011). Cultural Collaborative Exchange: Collections, Social Interpretation, Partnerships and Project Management. UK Museums on the Web 2011: The innovative museum: creating a brighter future, 25th November 2011, Imperial War Museum, London.

Warwick, C., Mahony, S., Nyhan, J., Ross, C., Terras, M., Tiedau, U. & Welsh, A. (2011). UCLDH: Big Tent Digital Humanities in Practice. Digital Humanities 2011, Stanford, CA, US, Stanford University Library.

Ross, C. (2011). Social Media and Me: Scholars at Work. Fifth Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing and E-Publications, Friday 1st July 2011, UCL.

Ross, C., Terras, M., Warwick, C., Welsh, A. (2010). Pointless Babble or Enabled Backchannel: Conference Use of Twitter by Digital Humanists. Digital Humanities 2010. (pp.214-217). London: Office for Humanities Communication.

Terras, M., Warwick, C., Ross, C. (2010). Bridging the gap between users and developers: user centred design of a Virtual Research Environment to support academic collaboration. Digital Resources in the Humanities 2010, Brunel University, September 2010.

Ross, C., Terras, M., Warwick, C., (2010). Academics Twittering on: Pointless babble or enabled Backchannel? NeSc Workshop on Users, Usability and User-engagement Based on e-Research, and Web 2.0 18th January 2010, University of Oxford.

Lakin, B and Ross, C. (2009). Geevor in Care of the Community? presented at SW Community Archaeology conference 2009 (unpublished).

Ross, C. (2008). “Has Geevor Got What I.T. Takes? E-Learning at Geevor Tin Mine Museum”. In, Bowden, A.E. (Ed). (2008) From Good to Great with KTP South West Regional Seminar 2008. Seminar Proceedings. University of Plymouth Research and Enterprise.

Invited Conference Papers

Bailey-Ross, C. (2015). Connectivity and Collaboration in Digital Humanities. Digital Arts and Humanities Institute 2015. Networks: Collaborations, connection, the future.  Royal Irish Academy.23rd October 2015

Finkelstein, A., Terras, M., and Ross, C. (2013). “Social Media in Research: Building Social Reputation and Networking”, Invited Panel Speaker, Research Staff Conference, UCL. Wellcome Collection 20th June 2013.

Ross, C. and Audas, J. (2012). Exploring the potential of interactive digital labels. Museum Association Joy of Text Event. Royal College of Surgeons. 18th June 2012

Ross, C. (2012). Putting the Visitor First. Designing for community-powered digital transformations workshop.  Tate Britain. 15th May 2012

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