A fitting end

Coming out of Victory 2As a goodbye treat from Geevor I was allowed to descend down the Victory shaft, where the public aren’t allowed to venture. I’ve waited patiently for two years, and boy was it worth it! Thank you very much Bill for being my expert guide.

We travelled down to 3rd level of Victory, which is about 300ft (90metres) and saw the top of sea level in the shaft, the majority of the network of mine tunnels are now flooded when the pumps were turned off after closure in 1990.

With some incredibly low ceilings and with my willies well and truly breached we made our down through mine workings that spanned over 300 years.  This experience was absolutely amazing and it really hits home what the miners did down there, and how good they were at their jobs. It was fantastic to finely truly understand what it would have been like to work down here.  I was amazed by the colours and the textures of the rock and the workmanship of the miners. My geologist type boyfriend came with us, and he was in his element looking at funny looking rock formations and collections of ‘sludge’.

So all and all a very fitting end to my time at Geevor Tin Mine.  Thank you!

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