insight into my flooded desk, floor and mind

I’ve been thinking about the idea of weeknotes for a while. This idea is quite simple yet interesting. It says it all on the tin really. They are meant to give you (and me) an insight into what the writer/blogger/person has been up to in the previous week, so reflecting on work, work practices, work gossip and the kind of things people do on a weekly basis.

I have always shied away from this kind of activity, as it seems a bit too much like a diary entry. But over the recent weeks and months I have become addicted to blogs that update regularly particularly the daily updates about what delectable outfits Katie wears on what Katie wore as well as the updates from the Digital urban blog, the IMA, retronaut and museum marketing oh and I enjoy following Ernesto Priego’s Journeys into endless scrolling over at butterflyhunt. These consistent updates really brighten up my day and inspire me to work harder at what I love.

I really loved co writing a guest post last week with the delectable Rhiannon Looseley, over on the Museum Computer Group blog. Rhiannon has also recently started blogging more regularly and I’m really enjoying her updates.

I have been looking for something to make my blogging more consistent, a way of keeping up the writing momentum and keeping myself immersed in the wonderful world of museums.  Due to no longer working in a museum every day I have been finding it difficult to keep engaged, but last week writing the cultural heritage post has shown that I still follow interesting cultural heritage things despite not being ensconced in a museum! Brill.

From now on I am going to attempt to keep regular updates on interesting things that I come across as well as the normal sporadic posts on nerdasaurus things that I go to and think about.

So here is a quick insight into my flooded desk, floor and mind:

  • I came across ConnectionFactory via the BBC R&D blog.  Not only is ConnectionFactory strangely pretty  but it is an EPSRC (Digital Society) funded project which aims to create a knowledge exchange network between media professionals and academic researchers, to explore the potential of new forms of public service media. It also aims to explore ways in which academic researchers can utilise new technologies to better disseminate and exchange their research and ideas. All good in my book.
  • I managed to read the Draft Report on Digitisation and Online Accessibility of Cultural Material provided by the Collections Trust on the train back from Newcastle.  Trains are very good at forcing you to read stuff with minimal distractions, and it was only delayed by 10 minutes… an improvement. The report is a great opportunity to take a look at UK’s progress with online access and digitisation of Digital Cultural content.  There is so much stuff going on all around the UK in museums, libraries and archives.
  • I’ve been plodding my way through technical documents about Europeana, to provide a case study on cultural cross repository searching for the LinkSphere project.  Do you what I like the sound of? A template for deliverables. That makes my project management synapses dance!
  • Beatrix Potter! Over the Easter break in the Lake District I went to Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s house in the lakes.  It was brilliant to see some of the objects and places that inspired many of her tales.  I now have a Mrs Tiggy-Winkle sitting on my desk. This makes me happy.
  • Yumchaa teas! Tasty tasty tea for tasty tea lovers, Im currently loving caramel sweetheart.

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